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How to deploy your Azure Functions with VSTS when your project has multiple solutions

This article introduces how to deploy your Azure Functions with VSTS when your projects have multiple solutions like below. Please refer GitHub - AzureFunctions-CSharp-Sample if you need Azure Functions sample.


How to setup this build process

Open "Build and Release" tab in your VSTS project, and click "+New" button like below.

Choose "ASP.NET Core (.NET Framework)" template like below.

After creating a process, choose"Hosted VS2017" as "Agent queue". You will get error when you run this process if you choose other Agents.

Choose your Azure Functions solution to deploy like below.

Add "Azure App Service Deploy" task like below.

After adding the task, choose your Azure Functions and change "Package or folder" from "$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/**/*.zip" to "$(build.artifactstagingdirectory)/**/*.zip".


I got below error when I chose "Hosted" as "Agent queue", because the process failed to build my application. The cause was MSBuild didn't support Azure Functions application right now.

Got connection details for Azure App Service:'xxxxfunctionapp'

Error: No package found with specified pattern