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Service Fabric deployment tips - always return “Failed to submit updates for certificate" on Azure Portal

As you know, Service Fabric uses some various certificates to manage their clusters.

  • Cluster certificate : Client to node security, e.g. Management Endpoints such as Service Fabric Explorer or PowerShell
  • Server certificate: Server (node) to clients, and server (node) to a server (node).
  • Client certificates : Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) – used to limit access to certain cluster operations for different groups of users, e.g. Admin vs User.

You need to register your own certificate into Azure Portal for browsing your cluster and deploy your applications using Visual Studio, and you can register your certificate with Azure Portal like below.

Almost all cases above step will work well, but there is possibility to get below error “Failed to submit updates for certificate" on Azure Portal.

This issues is caused by wrong version API on Azure Portal. Please use below PowerShell command to avoid the error.

Add-AzureRmServiceFabricClientCertificate -ResourceGroupName "your resource group name" -Name "your service fabric cluster name" -Thumbprint "your thumbprint" -Admin