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Replace configuration files with environment variables on VSTS tasks

I believe you definitely want to replace values of some files in your projects with environments variables when you setup Visual Studio Team Services Build/Release processes. There are some ways to replace the values, and I will introduce to use e "Replace Tokens" published in Marketplace.

How to use "Replace Tokens" on VSTS

Input "Replace Tokens" into search box when you add new tasks in your VSTS Build/Release process and click "Install" to initialize it.

After adding "Replace Tokens" task in your process, change "Root directory" and "Target files" to specify which files you want to change. In below example, I specify *.xml files in my "SFwithASPNetApp" project.

And finally refer below a part of Service Fabric ServiceManifest.xml. This xml file uses "Build.Repository.Name" and "Build.BuildId" environment variables to specify Docker image name.

  <CodePackage Name="Code" Version="1.0.0">
      <!-- Follow this link for more information about deploying Windows containers to Service Fabric: -->

The Docker image name will replace from "{Build.Repository.Name}#:#{Build.BuildId}#" into "" in this case.

Note that you must put "}#" not "}" as suffix token.