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How to override values of environment variables on VSTS tasks

As you know VSTS can use environment variables in VSTS Build and Release tasks. It's really useful to dynamically change values of build and release process like below, but you should sometimes wants to override even in running tasks.

I have built Windows Docker images on with VSTS build tasks by specifying its name as $(Build.Repository.Name), the actual name is "US-XXXXXX-Demo-Projects", and I store them into Azure Container Registry. But unfortunately, Azure Container Registry stores Docker images as lowercase letters like below.

As this result, you need to change Docker image name from $(Build.Repository.Name), change repository name itself or override environment variable. This article shows how to override the value.

How to override environment variable values on VSTS tasks

You need to add "PowerShell" tasks into your build process, specify its "Type" as "Inline Script" and edit "Inline Script" like below.

$LowerBuildRepositoryName = "$(Build.Repository.Name)".ToLower()
Write-Output ("##vso[task.setvariable variable=Build.Repository.Name;]$LowerBuildRepositoryName")

Write-Host "Build.Repository.Name variable updates"

You can override any variables as you like to edit the inline script.