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How to setup CI/CD pipeline with Service Fabric, VSTS and Windows Container

We have tried lots of features to collaborate wtih Service Fabric, VSTS and Docker containers. I have realized it's needed to describe overview of the architecture, so you can learn it following this article.

Overview of Service Fabric, VSTS and Windows Container architecture

At first, refer to the architecture diagram below. Purple lines mean processing flows of the CI/CD pipeline and green lines mean its setting dependencies.

Create below resources to setup this architecture.

  • Service Fabric cluster
  • VSTS Proejct, Build Process and Release Process
  • Azure Container Registry
  • Virtual Machines for VSTS Private Agent

In this article, you can find references to Service Fabric cluster, VSTS and Virtula Machines. But create Azure Container Registry for yourself and it should be quite easy.

a - Setup Private Agent for VSTS Build Definitions

Unfortunately, Windows Docker base image sizes are about 1.5G. It takes much time to download and build Docker images if you don't use Pirvate Agent. By caching the Docker images, its building time can be largely reduced.

3. and 4. Deploy deployment artifacts into Service Fabric cluster and download your Docker images from Azure Container Registry