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Tips to utilize Windows Server containers on AKS

Microsoft has announced that Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) supports Windows Server containers as GA. This is quite useful and essential feature to containerize your ASP.NET Framework applications. In this article, you can acquire tiny tips to utilize Windows Server containers on AKS.

Enable Azure CNI (advanced) for Windows Server Container

Note that AKS requires to enable " Azure CNI (advanced) network plugin" to utilize Windows Server Containers. Choose "Advanced" as Network configuration like below when you try to create AKS clusters.

You can confirm your AKS clusters are enabled Azure CNI on Azure Portal.

Next, you need to create node pools as Windows OS type to deploy your Windows Server Container applications like below.

Windows Server Container size

Windows Server Container requires huge capacity than Linux images. I have just pushed a simple hello world ASP.NET application into my Azure Container Repository(ACR) but it uses 1.08GB on my ACR. It will take a much time to upload your container images first time, so please note your network bandwidth not only ACR capacities when you push your container images into ACRs.