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How to get started with EA Portal for Microsoft Azure

I believe most of Azure developers aren't familiar with EA Portal because only Enterprise Agreement contractor can utilize the portal. usage of this EA Portal is completely different from Azure Portal which all Azure developers are familiar like below.

  • EA Portal is utilized to create Azure subscriptions which charge from your EA contract
  • Azure Portal is utilized to create Azure resources and consume from EA contract

As you can imagine, billing owners should use EA Portal and developers should use Azure Portal. But it sometimes difficult how to take knowledge to utilize EA Portal.

How to arrange onboarding meeting for EA Portal

Fortunately, Microsoft offers to arrange onboarding meeting with experts for EA Portal. Reach out Azure EA Portal Support and you can find a page like below.
You can find "issue category" bottom of it. Choose "Onboarding" like below to schedule EA Portal onboarding meeting with the expert.
After choosing them, you need to fill out some details of your status. Now, you can have a great meeting to earn deep knowledge for EA Portal. This onboarding meeting is no charge and I recommend to utilize this as possible.