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Let's talk about Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET and Java!

Access Azure VMs individually through Private Link connections

I have posted about Azure Private Link both for "private endpoint" and "private link service". You can acquire knowledge how to exclusively expose your endpoints to your other VNETs and how to utilize such endpoints from your VMs on other VNETs.
This previous post has introduced for load balancing rules but I believe you will need to access specific VMs to take logs, confirm settings or others. Let's talk with an example in this case.

Expose WildFly endpoints with Private Link

I believe as you know, WildFly is one of the most popular Java application servers. WildFly exposes webapps endpoint as 8080 and management endpoints as 9990, so you have to meet requirements like below.

  • Need to setup load balancing rule for webapps endpoint - 8080
  • Need to access VMs individually for management endpoint - 9990

At first you need to enable both "private endpoint" and "private link service" to communicate the VNETs each others. And you can satisfy these requirements with "Load Balancing Rules" and "Inbound NAT Rules" on your Standard Load Balancer like below.
You can put "Load Balancing Rules" for webapps endpoints and put "Inbound NAT Rules" to access each VMs by assigning ports per VM. Don't miss to pass parameters for WildFly, so here is an example to launch WildFly.

/opt/wildfly/bin/ -b -bmanagement

Load Balancing Rules

Create a rule for port 8080 of WildFly like below.

Just specify a port mapping and a backend pool.

You can access WildFly VMs with VNIC IP like below.

Inbound NAT Rules

You need to create rules per VMs

Here is setting for VM1. Please note to setup "Port" as "9991" because you need to mimic this setting for other VMs ex. VM2 is 9992.

You can access each VMs with changing ports like below.